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Look At This Cute Staged Nursery, Just Like Out Of A Catalog!

Updated: May 19

Nice big pillows in the crib for some good suffocation risk... a nice cushy toy and pillow right in the center of the floor, because what every new mom needs is a good trip hazard. Please put a rocking chair in your nursery, not just a normal chair, and a foot rest is so nice! Moving on...

So what constitutes a good sleeping environment for a newborn?


Humans love light and shiny stuff. Your baby is a human. At first they are so tiny that they will sleep anywhere for extended amounts of time, given the most basic of comforts. But as they get older they get more easily distracted from the boring parts of sleeping. And if you give them enough light to see all the cool exciting stuff in their nursery... they will wake up fully and insist that you let them out for some fun.


Your baby does not know how to tell time, they do not know what your plans are. The best way to center them is to give them a nice schedule and stick to it. They will learn by habit that they wake up and when they are supposed to be awake, their parent opens the blinds, turns on the lights and speaks to them in a cheery manner. They then get to eat, and then they get to play. And then when playing seems less fun and more frustrating, they get to nestle down in a nice warm and dark place and start the cycle all over again.

Sound machine.

Give your child a nice sound machine so that they don't get startled by sudden noises.


For all the obvious reasons. And don't tell me your child doesn't like swaddles. Almost 100 babies and counting and I have yet to meet one that doesn't love a nice snug swaddle. I have met plenty of babies whose parents claim they don't like to be swaddled. But that has always been swaddling errors. A loose swaddle is a hazard and 100% useless. Swaddle them down with their hands at their side and you are 20% of the way to a decent sleep!

What it doesn't have to be.

A crib.

Maybe your baby likes to sleep in their swing... cool. Let them. Yeah some people will judge you for it. But guess who got their thank you cards sent out? You did. During the first 4 months of a baby's life, they can't control much, they can't reposition themselves to get more comfortable. We swaddle them up so they don't cut themselves with their razor sharp claws and we give them tummy time so they get strong enough to lift up their head. So if they have a comfortable place where they will sleep well. As long as it is a safe place. Don't feel guilty. They are learning when to sleep and how to consolidate that sleep. You will be able to move them to their crib later on when they can roll over without much of an issue at all.

A specific room.

If you train your baby to know that darkness, a sound machine, and a swaddle, mean it is time to sleep, then it doesn't matter where you are, a hotel, a janky airbnb, or an airplane... your baby will be able to adapt (maybe not immediately, they aren't robots, but they aren't idiots either).

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