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Baby Yawns Are The CUTEST!!

Updated: May 19

What to do if your baby yawns

What to do if your baby fusses

What to do if your baby cries

What to do if your newborn falls asleep

What to do if your baby is the most adorable thing ever!

1. What to do if your baby yawns:

Age 0 to 3 weeks:

Baby yawns for the first few weeks don't necessarily mean that you should immediately rush them off to bed. They are still figuring out their days and nights, and in my opinion, they use yawns as a stress relief mechanism (somewhat they way we know that dogs do).

Age 3 weeks plus:

At this time, you really should be paying attention to your baby's yawns, as soon as I see a baby yawn I start paying attention to said baby because I know that they will be ready for a snooze within the next 5 to 20 minutes.

What to do if your baby fusses:

Age 0 to 2 weeks:

If by your schedule baby is ready to go to sleep, then put that little baby in their swaddle and then put them in their bed! If baby should be awake, then do your best to keep baby awake and happy. At this age it is VERY easy for them to get their days and nights mixed up, so it is best to try to keep them away for at least 30 to 45 minutes out of every 3 hours.

Age 2 weeks plus:

As soon as your baby has yawned and then starts to fuss... wrap up your little baby and tuck them into bed! A lot of parents pick baby up and hold them for awhile to calm them, which works for calming them, but then confuses the timeline of when they should sleep. A held slightly tired and cranky baby can stay calm right up until the point that they fall into overtiredness... and then they are a disaster.

What to do if your baby cries:

Did you already feed your baby?

Does baby need to burp?

Did baby get hurt?

Does baby have a dirty diaper?

Did you lose track of time and baby should have been in bed 30 minutes ago? If this is the case then pick baby up and say to baby "Baby I am so sorry. Of course you are Upset. That is my fault for not paying enough attention to you. I will do better next time. I am learning this with you too so please forgive me. And don't worry, we will make it through this together!" Then wrap your baby up.

Turn on the sound machine

Turn the light off

And rock baby for a bit

Place baby in bed

Understand that baby is now overtired and thus they may be quite jittery. Which means their nap might be pretty rough.

Stick it out, pat baby as needed and try and keep them quiet and asleep for their full nap time.

Don't worry. It will get easier!

What to do if your newborn falls alseep:

Age 0 to 2 weeks:

Do your best to wake them up to keep them on their schedule (if you don't have a schedule then check out the post "Why schedule" so that I can convince you a schedule is a wonderful idea! Waking a brand new newborn can be downright impossible. At this age their brains just literally turn off. Use light to your advantage. It may not feel like it is working, but light helps their melatonin production. So if they are sleeping but they should be awake, lay them down in a safe, not cushy place, unswaddled, in a brightly lit area. It is tempting to hold them, because they are just so freaking cute. Resist the urge if at all possible and don't worry, you will be holding them lots at 2 am when they decide it is time to PARTY!!! And if you can't keep them awake, just try again the next cycle. Scheduling is a process. You are not implementing a schedule, you are guiding it, herding your baby towards a predictable pattern. Be gentle with your expectations.

Age 2 weeks and older:

Stick to your schedule. If it is within 30 minutes of when they should be going to sleep anyways and if they have been awake for at least 30 minutes, then go ahead and wrap them up and let them sleep. If they fell asleep during a feed or if you are still battling a day/night confusion, then wake that baby up as best you can!

What to do if your baby is the cutest thing ever:

Age 0 to forever:

Stare at them, snuggle them, take 2 million pictures and then just one more, talk about them to anyone who will listen, video call everyone you know and show them... Ya know, savor it, love it, this is you now... a loving and proud parent!!

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