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Is It Possible To Be This Happy And Cute If You Are Exhausted?

Updated: May 19

I mean everyone says sleep is important... but maybe it is overrated... I mean, maybe they are just trying to sell you on a sleep consulting package!

Why is sleep important?

More Milk.

That is right, being well rested can help your milk supply.

More Memories.

Yup, exhaustion actually messes with our ability to create memories. You need to be able to remember what happens so that you can choose how to react in order to create better outcomes. All of this hinges on being able to remember. You should be able to stare at your sleeping baby for hours if you wish without desperately trying to sleep or catch up on something for the precious minutes that they are quiet.

Better Bonding.

You cannot bond as well if deep inside you wish your precious baby would stop crying for one *@#%(&# second so you could get some sleep.

Better relationship with your partner.

Exhaustion is literally painful. If you are agonizingly sleep deprived, that can create some serious animosity (and rightfully so) in a relationship if you don't feel like your partner is pulling their weight.

More Joy.

It is impossible to be truly happy long term when you are so tired that you feel like you are watching life from outside your corporeal form. If you feel disconnected from reality... maybe it is time to get some sleep.

Better Parenting.

A study recently showed that our decision making skills when we are tired are about as brilliant as our decision making skills when we are drunk. Drunk parents are notoriously... inadequate. I am not saying you are as bad as a drunk parent, but if you are exhausted you are not at your best. Being a good parent means being adaptable and paying attention. That doesn't happen if you can't keep track of what is happening.

Happier You.

The postpartum period is an incredible, insane, roller-coaster of delight and despair. Don't apologize when your hormones make you cry. Don't be scared when you feel devastated. To feel is a beautiful, delicious thing. If you are well rested you will have the resilience to feel your feels, while also knowing that it is temporary and that this too shall pass.

I could go on... maybe I will in another post. But if you just read this post and thought "nah, it sounds like a sales pitch." Then well, more power to you, you clearly do not need to be here! But if some of it hit you in your soul... well, maybe it is time to call someone. You deserve to sleep.

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